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Graphic Design Studio (GDS) specializes in top-quality custom print projects. We take pride in offering the most competitive prices and fastest turnaround times in the industry. No matter your project’s budget or size, can make it happen. We are well known for our array of unique custom printing specialties including Spot UV, Foil Stamping, Full Color Foil, 3D Lenticular Printing, Plastic Business Cards, and more.

Printing is all about making an impact, and we’re here to make sure your impact exceeds all expectations. Despite our volume of business, we work hard to maintain personalized “Mom & Pop” customer service. We are always happy to give advice, instructions, or any additional help to our clients—we’re even available around the clock! Don’t hesitate to drop us an email, give us a call, or chat with us live—we’d love to hear from you! has helped businesses big and small make their ideas come to life through printing. Our client list includes hotels, resorts, retail chains, salons, restaurants, political campaigns, event venues, bands, actors, models, insurance companies, casinos, and almost every other large and small business in between. References and physical samples of our previous work are always available upon request.

Ready to take advantage of our custom printing services, customer support, and Elite turnaround times? 

We are one company who do the design and consulting at the same time. We take costumers and close the case as soon as possible. With no waisting of your time and our time. We try to provide the best service we can and be close to the costumer.

We make designs for:










We work in 2 levels:

1. Design create design and send you file. And you order product by your selves


2. Design + production + delivery create the design, print it on companies that fit you with the prices and deliver to you.

Print Ad Design

Effective Design. Profitable Results.

We'll achieve the look you want for your print design media to make sure your services and products reach out to your audience. We'll create stunning print design for any type of media. We work in variety of formats and we'll coordinate the printing process as well. At the core of every successful Print Advertisement is a great message that correlates with the eye-catching design. We'll work on the effective concepts along with the impactful design to ensure maximum success for your Print Ad. There are many media outlets to place an effective Print Ad which include Magazines, Newspapers, Catalogs and Mailing Packages.

Flyer Design

Instant attention. Increased customers.

An effective Flyer Design demonstrates great looking visuals and a compelling message. When a flyer is distributed, the impact and memorable display becomes a big, compelling method to attract more people to your services and products. Pixel Source will design flyers that have an overall visual appeal to make your message sellable. With that being said, the flyer design should contain interesting written content and express something that the audience wants to know. Our Flyer Design will grab their eyes, compel the recipients to read, and most importantly, give an effective call to action.

Business Card Design

Spread the word. Let them contact you right away.

Pixel Source will design an effective business card that will stand out from the rest. Your business card will stand out and be remembered. With an effective business card you can spread your information and let people know what it is exactly that your business does. We'll make sure your business card is memorable and generates more leads when it's distributed. The business card we'll design for you wild be one of the most effective ways of letting your potential customers know about you without seeing you.

Editorial Design

Your readers will be absorbed by your content — They'll be wanting more.

Pixel Source always creates compelling editorial layouts that apprise your readers of the very nature of the content while engaging them. Our design philosophy focuses on generating a strong aesthetic that pulls toward a given article. We strategies and design elements that can help create immediate impact. We'll design layouts that represents your brand value and also engage your users for a long period of time. We'll customize your editorial media from a cover that emphasizes your great brand to bright ideas for the layout and style guides. Our expertise include designing complete Magazines, Catalogs, Newsletters and Booklets.

Poster Design

Inspire your audience in a big way.

We'll design design a poster that has a great idea that will appeal to your audience and convey your message to inspire them. Our mission is to create a well-designed poster that is eye-catching, attractive, and communicates information effectively to the audience. While maintaining a clean and simple approach to poster design, we'll emphasize the quality of your project, services or products. People will look at your poster and understand the message you are trying to get across. Pixel Source designs memorable posters for: Event Posters, Trades how Posters, Product Posters, Services Posters, Ad Posters and Movie Posters.

Sign Design

Get their attention and inform them.

We know that signs are usually the first thing that your customers will notice, so we'll make sure that we design your sign so that they'll make a good impression. Our proven design methods, will help you turn your ideas into a beautiful, high-impact sign and graphical attention receiver. We'll make sure your sign design and its message are visible from the far viewing distances — and that the sign is easily distinguishable from its surroundings. Are design approach is based on giving priority to the communicative aspect of the sign, so we make sure the sign is easy to read and understand.

Vehicle Wrap Design

Your brand will stand out — and receive high impact results.

At Pixel Source we will focus on creating a mobile vehicle wrap design that will stand out on the street and attract your audience. We work with a clean simplistic approach to design so that your brand is easily recognizable and your message is understood. Stand out from the rest with our original and eye-catching approach to your vehicle's wrap design. We understand that the look for your vehicle wrap has to compell your audience and sell your services and products. You will see first hand the huge positive impact your vehicle wrap design will have on your marketing efforts.

Wall Decals Design

Whether you’re looking for floor-to-ceiling graphics, or a wall space that needs to impress, we have experience to help meet your needs and create that wow factor. custom wall decals come in a variety of styles including contour-cut appliqués, large murals, or even your own custom wallpaper. Of course, you also have the freedom to create your own custom wall graphic design from scratch! Need help increasing brand awareness, promoting products, or engaging your audience?

Floor Decals Design

Convert Your Floor Space Into An Amazing Marketing Area

  • High Strength Vinyl To Withstand Moderate Traffic

  • Scratch Resistant, Scuff Resistant, And Slip Resistant

  • Lamination Offered For Best Protection

  • Do not apply on painted floor as it could remove floor painting while removing

  • Only work on plastered or plain concrete surface not on raw or rough Concrete Surface

  • Get the seamless product up to 4ft width or height

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