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Business Mentoring

Business mentoring is a good place to start if you need  guidance with your business. I can help to impose ideas, and to help you develop the way forward to a successful business career.

I’m a Melbourne based Business Troubleshooter™ and Business Mentor with many years of experience and first hand knowledge of the challenges that business owners face daily. The first step is to not just understand the opportunities, threats and strengths of the business but also the people behind the business, to show you the areas that can be quickly improved.

Business Growth is a principal objective for all businesses, but fast growth can just as easily lead to business failure as lack of growth. Statistics show that the inability to manage growth is one of the top 10 reasons for SME failure. This is especially true if the business experiencing sudden growth has not properly optimised their internal operations and systems to compensate for the increased demands.

If you want to grow you business, but don't know which direction to head or how to go from being a small business with few or no employees to a bigger business then business mentoring is a good place to start.

I can help you today:

  • To bounce ideas off.

  • New product launch

  • To point you in the right direction.

  • To help you focus on the most important issues.

  • To be your confidential sounding board.

  • To enable you to work 'on', not just 'in' your business.

  • Identify your brand online

  • Plan your digital marketing strategy

  • To support and motivate you in the stressful and challenging times.

  • To help you to achieve your business goals.

Business Help and Consulting Services

Do you need some guidance and advice for Starting, Buying or Growing your Business and need Business Help?
As a Business Troubleshooter ™ I provide Business Mentoring to help guide you through different challenges in,

  • Buying a Business

  • Starting Up a New Business

  • Growing an Existing Business

As a Business Troubleshooter™ and Business Mentor I aim to assist small businesses that are struggling or need help to develop their business. I can mentor and coach, to help you improve your business performance, which can impact your business and personal growth.  so why not take the first step and call or email me today.



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